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Outdoor Kitchen and Covered Patio

We built a patio and outdoor kitchen this year for our teenagers to enjoy.

First Step open the door

Then the Cover

The rock walls

The Kitchen

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River Rock Garden Edge

Our Customer was tired of grass clippings in her garden and wanted to define the edge.  This made it so we could give the garden an excellent soil base. It also turned out to be a nice accent to the property.

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Basalt Rock Gurgler

Our customer wanted a rock water feature infront of his cabin for his grandchildren to run up from the lake and rinse their feet on the way in the house.


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Flat Rock Placement

Our Customer was wanting to place a path in her garden she really liked the look of flagstone but when she saw the substantial rocks it was hands down the best option

First Step at the quarry

Next Step Placing Rocks

Finished Product

It’s done!

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Small Backyard Makeover

Our customer had a very small yard and wanted to have a peaceful nature filled yard for her and the birds to enjoy.



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This is what we’re doing

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